blog photo 144 fog treeWHAT IT IS

The land of one hundred women culminates from the fertile imagination and the spiritual essence of the one hundred women who reside there.

In the land of one hundred women life is lived as it is, not as it should be because they put no cards on the table with no games to be played, no fights to win. The spirit is the religion, the religion one another. Their children are of the universe, they are the souls of the deeds within their hearts.

Their food is the feast of empathy, stomachs full with the generosity of sisterhood.

Their lust is the tears of the forgotten, these tears give purpose and product to bring them home again.

In the land of one hundred women they are intertwined with the sadness and sorrow, the joyous and wonderful and the apocalyptic shattering but they stand ready to quash these intruders, to build, to restore, to reaffirm their sisterhood.


Bill squinted as the morning fog rolled by the kitchen window, sometimes it was so thick the barn disappeared completely, other times he could see Emma leaning against a fence post gazing towards the field. They had moved to be closer to Cricket and Sapphire, but Emma’s creeping dementia was distancing her from Bill’s reality. She never talked much anymore, just wandered around aimlessly, spiralling downward into a smaller world.

Bill did what he could to keep Emma engaged but his own failing health meant his efforts were muted. As he watched Emma out the window a small horse and a blind man beckoned Emma from the field. Emma followed, as did Bill.


blog photo 143 flying duckWHAT IT IS

At the request of CO Micheals, Mutt Jefferson dispatched a similar duck/camera team that helped find Cricket and Sapphire in Beaver County. The duck was now flying the skies over Northern Ontario determined to help authorities put the bite on Lehman and Schulz. Micheals and a few others hold up in a local community center pouring over incoming digital images, while an exhaustive land search was conducted by police, firefighters and search and rescue personnel.

On the third day into the search a light dusting of snow covered the area and it was this occurrence that led Micheals to revisit some photographs he examined earlier. Being intimately familiar with the area, Micheals had a good knowledge of the houses, cabins and lodges nearby and was keen on comparing these building before and after the snowfall. He found what he was looking for: a deserted cabin was showing distinct signs of two individuals mulling around the snow covered grounds. Schulz and Lehman’s capture was afoot.


The site of the original Crane Hill Massacre was still a disastrous piece of land, with its scruffy thin white birches growing like weeds among vile black rocks, the fowl smelling water eroding rust stained ruts throughout the landscape where only the most desperate creatures attempted to survive. To that end, Mildred knew she had to stage her production in an authentic place that would represent the land before the massacre began. With Mr. Crane assembling and training the cast, Mildred took flight to find her nirvana

Mildred’s journey took her along the beautiful Mattawa River, then north she followed the Ottawa to its headwaters on Lake Timiskaming. Mildred loved much of what she saw but it didn’t quiet fit what she was looking for so she turned due west until she saw the old growth pines north of Temagami. As she surveyed for an exact location for the production, she observed another duck with a camera strapped to its underbelly taking photos of a small cabin below them.



blog photo 142 red squirrelWHAT IT IS


It was a marvelous day for a drive and Margaret was easy driving along West Napoleon cruising to the Louis Armstrong International Airport to pick up Samantha Gallant who was enlisted by Davey Doucet to chaperone Margaret while she was in New Orleans.

Samantha’s small plane touched down on schedule and after some wild women greetings the pair were driving down Hwy. 10 back to the city. Beaver County banter filled the car until a dozen loud motorcycles surrounded  them, their drivers perhaps the ugliest men put on this earth. They endured an avalanche of cat calls and whistles, but eventually they roared away, Margaret noticing “The Chaps” colors on some of their jackets and, to her delight, their greenish work boots sitting high on the foot pegs.

Driving behind at a safe distance, the pair followed the gang to a rundown garage displaying a ragged New Orleans Flowers & Landscaping sign. Margaret stopped the car suddenly; the red squirrel was out of place in this part of the country and its abnormal appearance caught Margaret’s eye. The little dude was calm at first, then soon got agitated, pounding his feet and flicking his tail with wild abandon. This is about the time Margaret realized she was surrounded by twelve burly Chaps with dubious intent.


The helicopter carrying INSECT agent Cathy Jennings came so close to Samantha’s airplane that she could see a dark liquid oozing out of the fuselage just below where the pilot was sitting. She promptly radioed the helicopter, suggesting a landing at an abandoned airfield close by.

Parting for the airfield, Samantha saw the hummingbird hover above the goose for a moment then it seemed to follow the helicopter. Both aircraft arrived safely, a petrified Cathy Jennings crawled out the chopper and sat shaking uncontrollably on the grass and gravel runway. A surprised red squirrel rampaged close by in a pine tree and the hummingbird sat on the same branch amused by his antics. The hummingbird was banded with Graham’s band and as Cathy approached with her net she was overcome with the success she was about to accomplish.



blog photo 141 Road



Most INSECT agents were issued black velvet hoods but all were having great difficulty using them to capture teddy bears. This all changed briefly on a cool November morning in Northern Ontario.

Jones and Brown had just wolfed down a double order each of bacon and eggs at a small restaurant in Killarney and were waddling through the parking lot when Jones spotted a teddy bear sleeping on the roof near a kitchen exhaust vent. Brown ran to the car to retrieve his hood but it was nowhere to be found so he grabbed a black bag from a Black Velvet Whiskey promotion and headed for the roof. Sneaking up on his quarry, Brown pulled the bag over the teddy bear and hustled it into the trunk of the car.

The INSECT boys sped along Hwy. 637 knowing they might be the first agents to have captured a sentient teddy bear. Unfortunately for Jones and Brown a group of teddy bears saw all this unfold from a nearby rooftop and were planning a teddy bear intervention along the highway at this bridge


C.O. Micheals stood silently under a large Tamarack watching the hunter flick cigarette ash out the driver’s side window, his rifle barrel resting on the side mirror. Micheals picked up his trail several kilometers away on the edge of a red pine plantation and followed him discreetly until he reached the black truck he was now sitting in. The man’s gestures and gait seemed strangely familiar to Micheals but he couldn’t quite place him.

A women ran out of the bush destined for the truck and Micheals recognized her from a wanted bulletin he had in his truck. Melina Schulz hopped into the passenger side and the driver, Peter Lehman, fired up the vehicle and soon they were racing down the highway.

Micheals radioed ahead and the local police set up a roadblock at the bottom of a steep hill. Lehman’s steely eyes analyzed the police barriers, spotted a weakness and hit the gas pedal hard. Lehman’s truck hit the rear end of a police cruiser parked at a forty-five degree angle on the left side of the road. Lehman’s truck briefly swerved off the road and into the ditch, but he powered through, righted the truck, slumped down behind the wheel as the bullets flew and sped off down the highway.



blog photo 140 two song sparrowsWHAT IT IS

Doucet would crank his neck and head toward the hospital window just to see if the song sparrows were still eating and more often than not they were. They ate like Mrs. Hobbson shot…recklessly and often.

Doucet hated the domestic case and refused to do them anymore, but a friend persuaded him Mrs. Hobbson desperately needed a PI, so he agreed. The investigation turned up nothing incriminating, except Miles Hobbson traveled often, to strange places, at odd hours and with peculiar people. Upon hearing this evidence in the presence of her husband, Mrs. Hobbson kinda lost it, pulled out her piece and fired wildly at Miles, striking Doucet with a thru-and-thru to the shoulder.

In hospital Doucet kept busy answering two cell phones, a land line and a laptop skyped and ready. Margaret Brookside was told the green boots were landscape workers.  Basil McCormik’s “men underground-2020,”referenced the space tourism launch in 2020 in Canso, Guysborough County and Ned Doucet’s fist full of sightings of large bearded dragons in Beaver County were the product of UFO’s that frequented the area some years ago. The recent destruction of the tunnels most likely caused a disturbance in the community and the dragons were on the move. He told Ned to read Cinder Willoughby’s unofficial report, the one not shown to the Beaver County authorities. He’d send him a copy.


Slim Clemons is a good friend of the Pennsylvania Governor and a generous contributor to the Governor’s campaigns when it is time for the annoying little ritual every four years. So, when Slim knocks on the Governor’s door, it swings open enthusiastically with hand shakes and back slaps in abundance.

This day would be no different and as Slim walked toward the Governor’s Residence he studied some song sparrows near a manicured hedge, watching as the mother bird fed the off spring. Before he reached the Residence, the door swung open and a beaming Pennsylvania Governor greeted Slim with a powerful bear hug and a pumping handshake. “ So Slim, interested in dragon, eh?”



blog photo 138 white crown in evergreenWHAT IT IS

The white crowns were passing through and staying long enough to build up some fat reserves before heading further south, and Samantha was in charge of the feeders while Bill and Beatrice convalesced from their brush with the intruder.

Much had been revealed since the incident: Will had fathered a child in Germany in the seventies, he had stayed in touch with mother and child through a mutual friend in the Florida Keys, his now grown son was recruited by Monsanto’s German division and had been recently sent to Nova Scotia on a fact finding mission, and the man who showed up at the farm was definitely not Will Offley Jr. Offley was on edge over the fate of his son and waited nervously to hear from Davey Doucet who was unfortunately in the hospital with a gunshot wound inflicted by Mrs. Hobbson.


It has been said by some that although Canso, Nova Scotia is not the end of the earth, one can see the end of the earth if you look in a north-east direction from the old fish plant. That’s the direction Mark Malloch was looking toward when a white crown landed in a tree outside his motel room and it gave him pause to think Smith might be correct about the teddy bears.

A second rocket in as many weeks had failed on the launchpad. The cause was believed to be spinning acoustic waves around the combustion chamber resulting in catastrophic explosions. This phenomenon was rectified by Malloch some years ago at the Georgia Institute of Technology, but now appeared to be plaguing the booster rockets once again. It was Smith who suggested that the radio-wave disrupting teddy bears were responsible, and after days and nights of pouring over the data, Malloch was almost ready to believe it.


blog photo 138 red moonWHAT IT IS

Mutt Jefferson was heading out of Cleveland on Hwy. 76 bound for the I 95 and a trip back to the Florida Keys. The full red moon was playing with Mutt, disappearing behind the trees, popping up over flat fields and flirting with the scarlet clouds on the horizon. As he drove parallel to the moon, he imagined he was in a race with the great pumpkin and it was fortunate his phone rang as his speed was beginning to exceed what it should have been.

It was Will Offley, his voice nervous and strained, asking Mutt if he could stop at his Beaver County farm. Mutt rolled up to Offley’s farm a couple hours later, arriving to an eerily silent farmyard. He yelled out to Will, no answer…walked up to the front door, peeked inside and saw a totally ransacked living room. Mutt eventually found Will and Beatrice, bound and gagged in the barn, but otherwise unhurt.


Cricket and Sapphire had attended many Wolf calling events in Algonquin Park over the years but an invitation to a coyote call in Beaver County made them apprehensive because of their devastating experience with Wagner and Lehman not far from where the call was to take place. After much discussion they decided to face their fears and grab the Amtrak to Pennsylvania to join the party of coyote callers.

Where the hell was everyone? Cricket and Sapphire sat alone on the edge of a large woodlot south of Ellwood City watching a red, full moon rise and listening for coyotes that might be in the area. The six compadres from Beaver Falls were no-shows and Cricket was not interested in trying out his coyote calling skills with only his sister around for extra protection. So they sat quietly as darkness engulfed them, pausing momentarily to totally freak out when a six foot long bearded dragon breezed by and slithered down a hole in the ground.