(alphabetical by first name)

Basil McCormick Veterinarian
Bill Bisson Father of Sapphire and Cricket
Bokamoso Jacobs Evangelical Preacher-South Africa
Buck-jimmy Award winning jumping frog
Chuckles Dog
Cinder Willoughby Biologist from Weyburn, Saskatchewans
Cricket Bisson-Gallant Brother of Sapphire Bisson-Gallant, Adventurer and Storyteller, main residence in Wahnapitae, Ontario
Davey Doucet Private Investigator
Dizzy and Bella Barnhart Missing students
Drake Johnson Counsellor, Beaver Falls
Ellie Sentient Teddy Bear, Winner Miss 2017 North American Teddy Bear
Emma Bisson-Gallant Mother of Sapphire and Cricket
Frank James Entomologist, University of Missouri
Graham &  Smith Agents of INSECT
Gus Madison Resident of Lake Tomiko
Hugh Grant CEO of Monsanto
INSECT International Native Species and Exotic Creature Tribunal
Jason Brisk Philanthropist
Jasper Part of Jasper and Chuckles, track workers, avalanche rescue dogs
Magdelena Pope National Ballet
Margaret Brookside Administrative Assistant to Mayor of Bauer Falls
Mutt Jefferson Truck Driver – a native naturalist, owner of school to rehabilitate wildlife
Melina Schulz Commissioner of INSECT
Michael K. Stein (Dr.) VP at Monsato
Mildred Duck Theatre Director, Promoter
Miles Hobbsen Former Deputy Premier of Nevis
Ned Patrolman, Beaver County, Pennsylvania
Rene Boudreaux Chef, Mercantile Hotel
Samantha Gallant Pilot
Sapphire Bisson-Gallant Sister of Cricket Bisson-Gallant

Adventurer and Storyteller

Main residence in Wahnapitae, Ontario

Sharps Pixley Gold broker, U.K.
Slim Clemons Mover and shaker, Ellie’s sponsor
Sophie Zung Woman from Chile
Tiny Leblanc Bouncer, House of Blues
Will and Beatrice Offley Adoptive parents of Samantha Gallant
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