blod photo 73 railyardWHAT IT IS

Tasty LeBlanc was a dead man, the recipient of fifteen bullets from six FBI agents. He was near the CSX rail yards in New Orleans when the FBI moved in to thwart a drug deal between Tasty’s gang, the Chaps, and some serious dudes from Baton Rouge.

Strangely, this was not his first shoot out with law enforcement. Twenty- five years ago the Chaps went up against the New Orleans Police Department in the French quarter and Tasty barely escaped with his life. Fleeing in a hail of bullets after his Glock jammed, he made it to a bar on St. Peter street. He sat nervously at the bar watching a woman who would not take her eyes off him.

Melena Schulz testified at the trial that she and Tasty LeBlanc spent the entire evening together and the testimony created enough reasonable doubt that he walked away a free man. After the trial was over Melena disappeared, Tasty never laid eyes on her again.

Life goes on! When Tiny LeBlanc talked to his father a few days before the shootout, the elder LeBlanc reminded Tiny once again of their debt to Melena.


Sapphire and Cricket were well known and well liked. Over sixty friends, relatives and acquaintances descended upon their Wanapitei residence in an effort to find them. Ellie coordinated the teddy bears, Slim Clemons directed a small army of private investigators, Davey Doucet assigned duties to the volunteers and Cinder Willoughby oversaw the ever- enlarging search circle emanating from where their personal items were found.

As the hours and days ticked away, the searchers were becoming frustrated with the progress being made, but soon a small ray of hope would lift the spirits of all involved. On day four as nightfall engulfed Slim’s motorhome, Davey Doucet came across a cryptic note, finger written in the dust on the side of the motorhome.


This confusion that straddles the Universe, sinking deep into their consciousness, exposing you first. These parallel lines carry the hope of humankind, to the twisted wreckage that divides and binds.


Doucet rounded up Slim and Cinder, the trio got into the Hummer and headed for the railyard a few kilometers away. After a few hours of walking the tracks they came across Cricket’s knapsack containing a hand drawn map of Beaver County, Pennsylvania.









blog photo 72 four goslingsWHAT IT IS

Bringing a throng of young geese to Toronto was not out of the ordinary for Mutt Jefferson. An ample seed mixture, some fresh lettuce and carrots, plenty of fresh water and secure pens filled with straw was all Mutt needed to get the gang to the big city.

For the most part it was an uneventful trip, except for one minor incident. Mutt was rolling down Hwy.69, an ancient roadway where two lanes of traffic travel in opposite directions. As he crested a hill, a black Hummer travelling at break-neck speed, was in Mutt’s lane and the two vehicles were closing fast. Mutt had no place to go, so he held tight onto the steering wheel, while the Hummer veered to the right onto the paved shoulder, kissed the guard rail and spun out from behind Mutt’s trailer, and kept going north.

Mutt figured the little cargos he was carrying may have freaked out a bit, so he pulled over to a stream along the side of the road and let the goslings out for a quick swim.


Margaret Brookside could see two young women from her vantage point a few hundred feet from the trestle. While one young woman waited on one side of the trestle, the other disappeared, returning moments later with a gosling. This happened again and again until thirty or more goslings playfully wandered and swam around the waters running below the trestle.

What happened next was strange indeed. Six teddy bears appeared carrying a body; a body Margaret recognized as patrolman Ned Doucet of the Beaver County Police Force. The body was carefully laid out in the tall grass and the two women levitated a glowing orb above Ned’s head. Within a few minutes Ned drowsily came to life and the two women and six teddy bears slipped below the trestle and disappeared.



blog-photo-71-behind-beeWHAT IT IS

Bayer Crop Science was finishing up their work in Missouri, and to the delight of the board of directors a promising new generation of neonicotinoids had been tested and proven highly effective. The company had a few hurdles to jump and a few government tests to complete, but within a few months the products would be ready for market.

In the meantime, field technicians were busy tearing down the experimental plots of land used for testing the new insecticides. Plots 60 through 80 were vanquished first, but when plots 80 through 100 were tackled, stiff resistance was encountered. At Plot 82 a massive swarm of bees descended on the technicians, some suffering significant bee stings. To this day Plot 82 stands alone and undisturbed, while all other plots have been leveled.


Drake Johnstone’s encounter with alien life in Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park proved to be uninteresting when compared to his fascination with the teddy bears that inhabit the park and surrounding areas. Johnstone makes the trip from Beaver Falls to the park at least several times a year to observe teddy bear behavior. In his last outing, Johnstone watched as teddy bears used bees and their stingers to patch themselves when their flannel outer layer gets snagged and torn as they swing through the trees.








blog photo 70 grey horseWHAT IT IS

Slim Clemons liked to keep an open mind about all things political, social and financial. He realized at a young age that it was unwise to put all his eggs in one basket and that diversity and knowledge were the keys to his success. While attending a fundraiser for the University of Indianapolis, Slim overheard a conversation about an experiment taking place near the Chapleau Game Preserve.

A mix of people, domestic animals and wild animals were involved in a commune-style living arrangement. Their requirements from the outside community were modest: some tools, snowshoes, sled dogs, buck-saws, basic farm equipment etc. Slim decided to donate his prize- winning pull and plough horse, Gladiator.


The whole organization knew they had to get her a substantial birthday gift. They decided on one large present, rather than a bunch of meaningless gestures they knew she’d dislike.

Melena Schulz turned sixty-eight years old, and the entire gang at INSECT bought her a beautiful, gray horse. On the special day, the horse was brought to the INSECT compound for Melena’s approval. The horse broke free of Graham’s grasp, charged at a startled Melena and knocked her to the ground. It appeared the horse was just about to stomp her when Graham and Smith got a hold of the reins and muscled him back to his trailer.



blog photo 69 red crossbillWHAT IT IS

The drive from Temagami to Wanapitei took three times longer than normal because Samantha Gallant kept pulling over to the side of the road, wondering just what she’d say to her new siblings, Sapphire and Cricket. Would they believe her? What of their parents, Emma and Bill? Where could they be…what became of them? The questions raced through her mind, the answers, if any, were weak and fragile.

There would be no questions answered on this day! Cricket and Sapphire were not at home, although Samantha told them she was on the way. The neighbour said the pair, cameras in hand, took off down the road chasing a Red Crossbill. Samantha set off in the direction the neighbour indicated and after a few minutes came across two cameras on the side of the road. A tripod, two water bottles and a knapsack were found in the ditch not far from the cameras.


Buck-jimmy and local frog artisan Wilbur-jack were quietly doing the creative process on the shores of Lake Tomiko, when their friend and patron, Gus Madison happened by with a sack of brightly colored pebbles. Gus told the duo of a man in Sault Ste. Marie by the name of Mutt Jefferson who trains birds to do all kind of interesting tasks. In fact, Gus recently purchased a Red Crossbill trained to lick-up tiny pebbles and deposit them on a small sack on Gus’s front porch.


blog photo 68 wood deckWHAT IT IS

Ellie was exhausted after her kidnapping and subsequent rescue by Slim Clemons. She would register for University later; what she needed right now was a little R&R up in Teddy Bear country. She thanked Slim repeatedly, hugged Cricket and Sapphire goodbye and immediately found herself in Temagami, Ontario.

After summoning up six other teddy bears, the crew made their way to the top of the fire tower and began swinging from the tops of the trees, attempting to land on the large wooden deck below. Teddy bears have no bones to break and no blood to spill, so the sight of these teddy bears missing, near missing,  and landing on the deck must have been amusing.


In his latest adventure with his new love interest, Cricket has joined a drone club, where participants have invented a new game. A small grappling device is attached to the underbelly of the drone, a tennis ball is then fastened to the device and the drone master, in a timed event, must guide the drone over the wooden deck and drop the ball. The ball closest to the center of the deck wins the day.







blog photo 67 wing of duck.jpgWHAT IT IS

Mildred Duck was moving the entire one hundred and sixty-seven crew and cast members to the BIG SMOKE for a six month stay. The City of Toronto was ready with reserved sites along the Don and Humber rivers, as well as choice locations along the shoreline of Lake Ontario.

Based on his stellar reputation with waterfowl, Mutt Jefferson was hired to transport the young cast members, while the pictured duck was hired as chief security officer to fly south with the older cast and crew members.


It was Monday morning, Davey Doucet floated down the oak staircase, thru the front door to the waiting mailbox at the end of the deck. As he opened the mailbox lid the familiar brown envelope looked back at him, but on this day, it not only contained five hundred dollars, but also a fifty- thousand- dollar retainer with a hand- written note attached: “Find out everything about Graham and Smith.” It was signed S.C.

Doucet was thrilled, this would go along way in establishing himself as a premier investigator. One of the first things he would do with the extra cash was to solve his on- going problem of securing and communicating his information to other parties. Doucet decided to purchase a ‘carrier-duck’ from Mutt Jefferson. The duck, originally a drone smashing mallard from Medellin, Columbia, was re-purposed as a carrier-duck to transport flash drives across great distances.

In the above photo, the duck is seen landing on Nickle Lake at Cinder Willoughby’s camp with a flash drive of intricate information for Willoughby’s perusal.