blog photo 101 The Bug and the SlugWHAT IT IS

He looked intently at the slug as it sat on the top of a patch of Timothy-grass. The solitary slug was soon joined by a tiny bug and the two studied one another for a long time. Frank James imagined how they thought about each other: was there’s a symbiotic relationship? Did they communicate? Were they enemies? Friends?

He glanced down at the photos Miles Hobbson gave him, seven in all, showing a strong likeness of Dizzy and Bella in the Lady Justice pose. The pictures came from all over the globe… China, South Africa, France, Canada and so on. James’ mind drifted away to these exotic places, his bleary eyes nearly fixed on the two creatures. Being a man of science, he knew both bugs did not suggest he seek a leave of absence from the University of Missouri and find the whereabouts of Dizzy and Bella.


Cricket and Sapphire were finally back in their Wanapitei home, the draining ordeal seemed further behind them. They occupied themselves with everyday chores: the laundry, the cleaning and cooking, but they felt an uneasy restlessness that left them on edge and sleepless at night.

As they zombied around the house, Cricket came across the cameras a neighbour retrieved from the side of the road when they were taken and decided to gather up Sapphire to see what was on the cards. They took several photos that day but were stunned when they glared at a out of focus, awkward looking shot of  a man who could have been their parents friend Will Offley.



Ellie's story continues 2

Ellie sat on top of the fish and chip truck fully engrossed in Baines Wanescott’s best selling book A Brief History of Teddy Bears. She was certain Wanescott’s intimate knowledge of teddy bears could solve the enormous dilemma she was now facing.

Putting her higher education on hold once again, Ellie had bigger fish to fry in her life. Panic was running amok in the teddy bear community because Wagner and Lehman effectively demonstrated how a black velvet hood could render a teddy bear’s telepathic abilities useless. Ellie knew this was a game changer, the point only strengthened when Doucet informed her that black velvet hood prototypes were already under consideration at the INSECT compound.

As Ellie meticulously studied the early teddy bear history sections of the book she came across the answer. Wanescott documented how a fairy from Easter Island near the Alexandria Fiord added a tear drop to the melting spring equinox waters, allowing the teddy bears to come to life. The author claims that it is this fairy that holds the knowledge of life for all teddy bears on the planet.

The fairy did not speak directly to Ellie. She floated in the early morning mist, smiling and listening patiently as an exhausted Ellie explained the dire peril the teddy bears were in. Before Ellie could finish her plea, the fairy disappeared briefly, returning to offer Ellie a tiny jewellery chest with a note attached…open at midnight in seven days.



blog photo 100 BitternWHAT IT IS




But the wide eyes of this Bittern fan says it all: Mildred Duck’s production of the Littlest Gosling was a smashing success.

Mildred now vacations at some swanky resort in the Muskokas, her sixteen week sold out production behind her, the critics silenced, her bank account bursting and the creative juices simmering as she contemplates another play.



Slim Clemons’ Sikorsky S-76C helicopter hovered over the Three Chipmunk Range and Sofia could see Slim pointing out WHATEVER to the passengers behind him. He looked loud and he looked animated, but Sofia knew Slim was a good contributor to their experiment so she would tolerate his boorishness during the visit.

Slim came on the pretense of visiting his horse Gladiator, but his real reason was the Holmium. The passengers in the helicopter were Auto Execs., Electric Auto Execs., to be precise and they and Slim were most interested in the rare earth mineral.

Once grounded, the party headed toward the range only to be stopped by Sofia…bitterns were nesting nearby and no one was getting to the range on this day.







blog photo 99 Red wing 2WHAT IT IS

In a small motel a few miles off Highway 61 Wagner and Lehman sat outside their crummy little room watching the redwings snap up insects in the Louisiana dusk. Wagner was sipping a Sazerac and playing with his cigar when Lehman jumped up off his stiff plastic chair, pointing across the road. Someone was watching them!

A few will placed billboards and road signs was all the cover twelve state troopers needed to pounce on the unsuspecting pair. Wagner shrugged off Lehman’s paranoia, deciding instead on another Sazerac. Just as he was pushing the motel door open, a black Chevy van peeled into the parking lot burning  rubber off the nearly bald tires. A pale dishevelled Tiny LeBlanc yelled at them to get in and within seconds the trio was gone.


Among the many oddities surrounding the kidnapping of Cricket and Sapphire, none more interested Cinder Willoughby than what happened back in Wanapitei. A note written on the side of Slim Clemons’ motorhome somehow led Davy Doucet to form a search party to a nearby railyard where evidence suggested the kidnapped pair may be in Beaver County, Pennsylvania.

Well…Willoughby got his answer from Doucet as the makeshift search headquarters was disbanded. It seems some months ago Doucet was strolling along a rail line near Amherst, Nova Scotia and as he walked the line through a swampy area,  a throng of red winged black birds took to the skies after being disturbed by Dizzy and Bella Barnhart monotonously repeating the motorhome message as they walked along the railroad tracks.






blog photo 98 fireworksWHAT IT IS

Doucet was trying to add context so Sapphire and Cricket could better understand meeting their parents after so many years, why they were kidnapped, how they now had a sister,  and a hundred other questions befuddling them.

Doucet was certain Wagner and Lehman found out Bill and Emma were hiding out in Beaver County and hatched a plan to to kidnap Sapphire and Cricket to use them as leverage to force Bill and Emma out of hiding. Bill and Emma would have certainly been killed to shut them up and the same fate awaited Cricket and Sapphire if it had not been for Ellie finding them.

Doucet explained he was gathering proof that the kingpin behind all this was…that is when the first of the fireworks erupted signalling the end of the Beaver County Fair.


Dog Town California was a dusty, drive-by place where a few stone foundations and collapsed wooden structures were the only signs a town once existed. Today, with the completion of Phase 1 of the Canine Olympic Headquarters, Dog Town again stands proud as a testament to the ingenuity of canines and man alike.

In honour of this great accomplishment, Slim Clemons ordered in one of the largest fireworks displays ever put on in California history. It is said Slim enjoyed the fireworks so much, he intends to make it an annual spectacle in the years to come.



blog phoyo 97 insectWHAT IT IS

There is a chic new restaurant in Boston Massachusetts appropriately named Hangers, where patrons are seated on a wooden platform, strapped into their seats and raised via a construction crane one hundred feet into the air to enjoy the dining experience.

INSECT agent Graham was the adventurous type, while agent Smith called the idea ludicrous, befitting of the bored middle class teasing stupid ideas out of everyday pleasures. He would not go…Graham was on his own.

Once a hundred feet in the air and strapped to his seat, Graham and the others were easy pickings for No. 1’s east coast lieutenant and several thousand insect activists.


Jones and Brown both had a touch of arachnophobia, so it was not surprising that panic started to set in when their car began to fill up with spiders. They tried stuffing pieces of Brown’s T-shirt into the vents as they repeatedly pulled at the door handles in a vain attempt to get out. The spiders seemed endless and their ability to find ways to penetrate the vehicle remarkable. As Jones and Brown bounced up and down in their seats, swatting and slamming themselves a single dragonfly landed on the windshield, twisting and contorting its miniscule head until all the spiders left the area.



blog photo 96 fence



Patrolman Ned Doucet had been involved in many high speed pursuits in his career but this one was the strangest of them all. As he edged closer to Wagner and Lehman he could clearly see both men wearing black velvet hoods, not unlike those of the Ku Klux Klan, only black, only velvet.

The driver was all over the road, kicking up dust and gravel, veering from side to side while the other hooded guy was perched out of the sun roof, leaning forward over the front windshield, grabbing teddy bears clinging to the front windshield.

Doucet watched in fascination as teddy bears were tossed in all directions from the erratic moving vehicle. With all this action ahead, the Mercedes slowed down somewhat, allowing Doucet to pull up beside it, but a myriad of teddy bears thrown Doucet’s way covered his windshield causing him to lose control, striking a wood fence along the side of the road.


Mutt Jefferson was doing a long haul from New York state to the Florida Keys. He was anxious to hit Beaver County on the way back to see the progress being made by Cricket and Sapphire. Before seeing the pair, Mutt had a quick stop to make at Will Offley’s farm to bring Beatrice some key limes so she could make her prized lime pie which would be sold at next week’s county fair.

Will gave Mutt precise instructions to drive his rig slowly past their house to the second driveway where Will would meet Mutt and take the three boxes of limes. Beatrice would know nothing of this as Will intended to surprise her with the prized limes. It all seemed a bit cloak and dagger to Mutt, but anything for a friend.

After the delivery was complete, Mutt was back on the road but had only gone a few miles when he spotted a patrol car off the road, entangled in a fence with several dusty, disoriented teddy bears sitting on the roof.