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After four hundred plus sold out performances of the Ugly Duckling in Toronto, Ontario Canada, Mildred Duck triumphantly returned to the Grassy Narrows area of Northwestern Ontario. Her great success allowed her to purchase this piece of land which she intends to use as a training ground for her next production.

Although everything is still very tentative, Mildred is intent on a much larger production entitled the ‘Littlest Gosling.’ Hundreds of pigeons, ducks, swans, geese and many other birds will be hired for the new production.


With about twenty feet between the airplane and the lake, Samantha Gallant managed to restart the engine and quickly re-established a cruising altitude. Sapphire combed the lakes and bush like a professional and within thirty minutes of being airborne, she spotted the threesome sitting on a beaver dam along this stream.

It seems they wandered off from the main party, the two senators looking for Large Mouth Bass and the mayor more interested in construction techniques of the local beavers.