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Slim Clemons called it taking care of business, Mono county officials called it kickbacks and the President of the International Olympic Committee called it an innocent mistake.

When engineers were ready to lay down eight kilometers of dog run material at the Dog Town, California headquarters, Slim Clemons had the material ready to go at his Sacramento facility and struck a deal with project managers to deliver the goods. Clemons insisted a large donation of dog food to members of the Olympic Committee was unrelated to the dog run project.

The Canine Olympic President was briefly incarcerated by county officials but released within hours pending further investigation.


INSECT agent Williams was the kind of guy who was always late for work. He possessed a bevy of creative excuses for his constant tardiness, but none better than the one used on the first day back on the job after returning from the tunnels of Beaver County, Pennsylvania.

As he was running late and leaving his house on that morning, someone had deposited an enormous pile of dog dung on his front porch and as he ran out the door, found himself knee high in dog shit.

Coincidently, in the early morning hours previous, a small canine from Boston, Massachusetts was briefly detained by police for loitering the neighbourhood but was quickly let go when local authorities realized he too was police.