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I don’t consider myself to be influenced by shamans, medicine men or wizards of all kinds, but my sister Sapphire has a soft spot for the teachings of these folks. When she read about a magical water droplet that could bring life to stuffed animals, she was hooked.

On a day, the spring equinox, a water droplet MAY be produced in a specific location on the Alexandra Fjord on Ellesmere Island, Canada and if used on a stuffed animal it would come to life for one-hundred days.

The trip was long and difficult but the three of us, Ellie, Sapphire and myself, arrived with our three guides on the spring equinox of 2016. I took this photo just before Sapphire captured the droplet and placed it into a porcelain container.




The Israeli secret service, Mossad, have tried for decades to create a way to “seed” the skies over arid areas of the Middle East in an effort to create rain. Long thought to be a waste of time by many parliamentarians, the Knesset recently pulled the plug on further research.

In response, Mossad released reams of information it had in its’ possession regarding their research. Sapphire came across this photo of what was termed a super droplet, one which could create millions of sister droplets once introduced into the atmosphere.