blog photo 57 dog's eye.JPGWHAT IT IS

It was the kind of snow that was thick, wet and heavy and it was quickly piling up on the backs of two of the finest dogs in the Boston canine unit. One of the dogs had been outfitted with a miniscule eye camera, and he was recording a drug transaction going down in a parking lot off Dorchester Ave.

Just before the drug unit was to move in, a speeding Honda civic crashed into a tractor trailer at the intersection of Dorchester and Park.

If it is true that a camera never lies, then the Boston Police Department were looking at some very unusual activity. The camera clearly showed a teddy bear hanging on to the boomerang of a stretch limousine, laughing like a hyena and grinning like a Cheshire cat while a Honda civic was chasing the limo in hot pursuit. The limo made it through the intersection, but the Civic’s progress was interrupted by Mutt Jefferson’s trailer.


The pictured Canine Olympian from Beaver Falls Pennsylvania, has received special contact lenses designed to help him in the 13-Fetch competitions in the upcoming second canine Olympics slated for Salt Lake City, Utah. For those not in the know, the 13-Fetch competitions sees canine athletes in a timed event where they are required to fetch 13 beef bones buried on a one hectare field.


What is a fall collection and can you find yourself in a pile of it.

leaf collection 2.jpg


Sapphire informed Ellie that she was taking her to see a fall collection by Monsieur Lamouche.  Excited to attend a show displaying the latest in fashion, Ellie wore her fanciest hat.  The teddy bear managed to hide her disappointment when Sapphire showed her this leaf collection, one of many “fall” themed pieces at the art show.  The fly who had collected the leaves salvaged the day when he autographed Ellie’s program with the words, To the loveliest teddy bear.



Because Sapphire and Cricket travel a lot, Cricket often finds himself confused as to where he is when he wakes up.  He claims it is not his fault that he often gets up “on the wrong side of the bed”.  He might find himself up against the wall or pointed entirely in the wrong direction.  One morning he woke up and found himself in the middle of a pile of leaves on the front lawn of a motel in Beaver Falls.  He scrambled out just as the city truck, equipped with a supersized vacuum, came along and sucked the leaves away.


Camping alone is not the best idea.


blog photo 16 geavel pit.JPGWHAT IT IS

Cricket said his guide may have had mental health issues, he didn’t know. What he did know is that the guide just left him in the Gobi Desert to fend for himself.

Cricket had gone to the desert to photograph the wild onions that are used for food by the various creatures that inhabit the desert. Cricket used his SAT phone to contact his helicopter pilot and took this photo as they took off for Sainshand, Mongolia.



Cricket and I spend a lot of time together, but once a year on July 2nd, Cricket strikes out on his own for a couple days of solo camping in order to show off his independent streak.

He loads up the truck with all manner of camping equipment, camera gear and any supplies he thinks he may need. During one such outing, Cricket got a flat tire and because he left behind the jack, tire iron and spare tire in favour of “necessary gear”, he found himself in quite a pickle.

After scrambling up to the top of a gravel pit, he managed to get enough of a cell signal to call a tow truck. He took this photo as he waited for the truck to arrive.