blog photo 83 ring neck duckWHAT IT IS

Margaret Brookside had a system. She’d take a parcel of land 640 acres in size, break it down into 80 acre sections and pour over the aerial photographs until each parcel of land was thoroughly scrutinized. It was a tedious task, made much worse when Mutt Jefferson showed up with a ring neck duck outfitted with an infrared camera strapped to it’s underside.

To his credit, Mutt roped in Justine Flagstaff of the Reuters News Agency with promises of an exclusive story when Cricket and Sapphire were found, if she would agree to help Margaret with these new thermal images.


On opening night, the notorious ring neck duck critic from the Waterfowl Times was spotted on the beach, just minutes before the curtain was to go up.

The critic had already reported on pre-production activities, calling Mildred’s rehearsals ‘amateur hour,’ suggesting Mildred’s production was not all that it was quacked up to be. Needless to say, when the reporter and Mr. Crane crossed paths, all manner of feathers flew.