blog photo 69 red crossbillWHAT IT IS

The drive from Temagami to Wanapitei took three times longer than normal because Samantha Gallant kept pulling over to the side of the road, wondering just what she’d say to her new siblings, Sapphire and Cricket. Would they believe her? What of their parents, Emma and Bill? Where could they be…what became of them? The questions raced through her mind, the answers, if any, were weak and fragile.

There would be no questions answered on this day! Cricket and Sapphire were not at home, although Samantha told them she was on the way. The neighbour said the pair, cameras in hand, took off down the road chasing a Red Crossbill. Samantha set off in the direction the neighbour indicated and after a few minutes came across two cameras on the side of the road. A tripod, two water bottles and a knapsack were found in the ditch not far from the cameras.


Buck-jimmy and local frog artisan Wilbur-jack were quietly doing the creative process on the shores of Lake Tomiko, when their friend and patron, Gus Madison happened by with a sack of brightly colored pebbles. Gus told the duo of a man in Sault Ste. Marie by the name of Mutt Jefferson who trains birds to do all kind of interesting tasks. In fact, Gus recently purchased a Red Crossbill trained to lick-up tiny pebbles and deposit them on a small sack on Gus’s front porch.