blog photo 68 wood deckWHAT IT IS

Ellie was exhausted after her kidnapping and subsequent rescue by Slim Clemons. She would register for University later; what she needed right now was a little R&R up in Teddy Bear country. She thanked Slim repeatedly, hugged Cricket and Sapphire goodbye and immediately found herself in Temagami, Ontario.

After summoning up six other teddy bears, the crew made their way to the top of the fire tower and began swinging from the tops of the trees, attempting to land on the large wooden deck below. Teddy bears have no bones to break and no blood to spill, so the sight of these teddy bears missing, near missing,  and landing on the deck must have been amusing.


In his latest adventure with his new love interest, Cricket has joined a drone club, where participants have invented a new game. A small grappling device is attached to the underbelly of the drone, a tennis ball is then fastened to the device and the drone master, in a timed event, must guide the drone over the wooden deck and drop the ball. The ball closest to the center of the deck wins the day.