blog photo 88 opening fernWHAT IT IS

The chipmunks called it the ‘power of suggestion’ plant. They came across it at the edge of the Three Chipmunk Range and brought it back to the compound for further study. Sofia Zuniga was tasked with determining the usefulness of the plant and after several weeks of trials and experimentation, she noted it had mild psychotic properties and indeed seemed to cause actions based on suggestion.

In the weeks that followed a handful of teddy bears, six bumble bees, two dragonflies, one creature claiming to be from Mizar and two young women called on Sofia asking if they could get some extract from this new plant.


Preaching to the converted…easy!

Postulating the grand ideas…simple!

Theorizing how a society runs…elementary!

Speculating on a new world order…effortless!

Miles Hobbson found peace and tranquility near the now famous trestle, where he’d lie down against his favorite rock and watch and listen to the world roll by. As the newly minted mayor of Beaver Falls, he had a bucket load of promises to implement. As he watched a small fern in it’s early stages of development, he had somewhat of an epiphany…his term as mayor would begin with small steps not the grand gestures he spoke of during his campaign.