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Two recent hires at Bayer Crop Science were tasked with a very small section of research in support of a much larger project designed to refudiate the belief that their products, neonicotinoids, are responsible for the collapse of honey bee colonies across North America.

The two researchers were involved in field studies observing the predation patterns and interactions between yellowjackets and other insects. This particular yellowjacket seemed to take a strong dislike to the two, and pestered them until they left the area.


A simple pleasure that the administrative assistant to the mayor of Beaver Falls enjoys is her quiet lunch time ritual. Every day at about noon, when most employees leave the building for lunch, Margaret shuts the door to her office, opens a window and places several pieces of fruit on the window ledge. With the soulful sounds of Blackie and the Rodeo Kings singing Willie P. Bennet’s Thessalon, a yellowjacket or two inevitably would show up and partake in the free fruit.

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