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Doucet was trying to add context so Sapphire and Cricket could better understand meeting their parents after so many years, why they were kidnapped, how they now had a sister,  and a hundred other questions befuddling them.

Doucet was certain Wagner and Lehman found out Bill and Emma were hiding out in Beaver County and hatched a plan to to kidnap Sapphire and Cricket to use them as leverage to force Bill and Emma out of hiding. Bill and Emma would have certainly been killed to shut them up and the same fate awaited Cricket and Sapphire if it had not been for Ellie finding them.

Doucet explained he was gathering proof that the kingpin behind all this was…that is when the first of the fireworks erupted signalling the end of the Beaver County Fair.


Dog Town California was a dusty, drive-by place where a few stone foundations and collapsed wooden structures were the only signs a town once existed. Today, with the completion of Phase 1 of the Canine Olympic Headquarters, Dog Town again stands proud as a testament to the ingenuity of canines and man alike.

In honour of this great accomplishment, Slim Clemons ordered in one of the largest fireworks displays ever put on in California history. It is said Slim enjoyed the fireworks so much, he intends to make it an annual spectacle in the years to come.

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