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Turning on to Hull St., Wagner and Lehman knew they should split up;  it was less conspicuous and they could rendezvous at Langone Park aboard the sailboat waiting for them. The men broke up, Wagner’s decision to head north would be a costly one. His brisk walk was observed by a pair of police officers slow cruising down Hull St. and when they pulled over to talk to him, Wagner broke out into a fierce run, disappearing into some green space as he made his way toward Commercial St.

It took only a few minutes before the entire district was flooded with police cruisers, fire trucks and all manner of emergency vehicles. Wagner was confronted a number of times, wounding an officer in the leg and stabbing another in the shoulder but the manhunt was unrelenting and its grip painfully strangulating Wagner’s options. He was inside Langone Park but the two cops who started the pursuit some three hours ago where closing in on him. Taking refuge in slimy water filled ditch, Wagner’s hope was the fast approaching dusk would provide the cover he needed to get to the waterfront. As the two officers cautiously walked parallel to the ditch, they stopped. The silence was off…not a silence you’d hear at this time of day…too quiet…then they smelled him.

The first officer jumped over the ditch as a distraction, the second one going directly for Wagner’s gun hand. Wagner’s wrist was in a tight vice as the first officer ricocheted off the side of the ditch and was on Wagner’s throat. Both canines recognized the sound of a pump action shotgun. Taking a piece of Wagner’s throat as he spun around and over his partner, the head of the Boston Canine Unit took a direct hit. Lehman’s attempt to reload was thwarted when six cruisers roared to stop beside the carnage.

Lehman escaped toward the waterfront, Wagner survived his injuries, the canine did not and his partner was left to go it alone.


Salt Lake City was all abuzz with news that the President of the Canine Olympic Committee and an endless parade of dignitaries was invading the city to participate in the opening of several new facilities to be used in the upcoming Canine Olympics

Fetch 13 courses, frisbee meadows, pawathon trails and even a brand new swimming pool would be unveiled in the coming days. Especially exciting would be a demonstration swim by the president himself, and if that was not excitement enough, it would be revealed by Mono County officials that absolutely no kickbacks occurred during the construction of the Canine Olympic Headquarters in Dog Town, California…SWEET!



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