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Tension was high among the various police agencies , only made worse by the finger pointing and malicious accusations of incompetence uttered by the head of the task force. Caught flat footed and ill prepared, the small army of officers could only watch as Schulz and Lehman roared away at breakneck speed. When CO Micheals heard the commotion over his radio, he jumped on his Skidoo Renegade and pursued the pair. With speeds in excess of one hundred kilometers an hour Micheals caught sight of them crossing a large lake.

It may have been the gusty seventy kilometer winds or the bone chilling minus fifty degree wind chill, but whatever the reason, a blinding snow engulfed Micheals as he achieved full throttle on the frozen lake and his hopes of catching the pair was dashed when he struck a small island and he and his machine parted ways.



Patrons came by bus, truck, car, rail, snow machine and the odd one even skied or snowshoed into the Moose Lodge on the Sturgeon River for a day or a week or even a month of relaxing winter activities. Most liked to ice fish, some hit the snow machine trails, others cross country skied from dawn to dusk but few, like Rene Boudreaux, just came and stared out their cabin window.

The man with the big truck from Louisiana rented out cabin number seven on a Friday and had not been seen much except looking out his window at the other tourists as they came and went in front of his window. Although this struck Morley, the lodge owner, as a bit peculiar, he was a paying customer and he could do with his time as he wished.

Morley was up at 3:30 AM on Sunday morning to oversee the preparation of pancakes, bacon and sausages for the start of the 6 AM breakfast. Out of the kitchen window he could see Rene haul a large plastic toboggan from his truck, put on a pair of snowshoes and head into the forest.

Stomping along Junction Lake, Rene came to a small, wind swept tree, took a bearing of N 75 E and started out in that direction until reaching the shoreline where a tarped wooden crate lay a few feet beneath the snow.

Morley was doing the after dinner clean up when he glanced out the kitchen window and saw Rene load four steel pales into the back of his truck.  Rene checked out the following day.

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